5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

November 28, 2019 0 By Mi Pandora

Considering to offer 1 in the top most powerful passports when it comes to visa-free travel, US citizens with their passport can access to 185 destinations all over the world. However, not almost all countries that they can enter without a visa, there also many nation that US citizens need to hold a visa when entering. What are they?

As a normal rule, entering any countries all requires you a visa, especially when staying for a long period of time. Thanks to the powerful passport, US citizens can travel as short-term tourists to many countries such as Mexico,  Canada and the European Union (EU) countries without needing a visa. However, for both short-term and long-term period of living in these common 5 countries, US citizens are required tourist visa.

5 nations that US Citizens need to get visa to enter


5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

If an US citizen wants to visit India, a travel visa is required, this visa may stay up to six months from the day they enter the country. Our advise for you is remember to check the latest information from the Indian Embassy website before your trip, because requirements for an Indian visa will change frequently and often without notice.

In case you apply for a six-month entry visa, it will take you $67.70, while a five-to-ten years multiple entry visa is $157.70.


Besides applying for a Brazil visa when you plan to travel to this country, US citizens need to hold proper documentation, including a visa, upon landing in Brazil if they don’t want authorities to deny their entry. Before leaving home, US citizens have to apply for a visa at the Brazilian Embassy or on Brazil’s electronic visa website for a visit to Brazil.

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

There are many things that US citizens need to know upon entering Brazil:

  • Filling out an immigration form that will be handed back to them by officials.
  • You need this form to leave the country.
  • If you lose immigration form, you could be detained by police and owe a fine. It costs US citizens $160 when they obtain a visa to Brazil.


According to the US Embassy website, Russia has a very strict and complicated visa system regarding foreign nationals entering the country. American citizens not only have to apply for Russian visa in advance but they may also be stranded in Russia for up to 20 days if the visa expires before they leave.

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

There are many nuances to obtaining a Russian visa, including needing a Russian sponsor, which could be a travel company, relative or friend, hotel or university. However, there are also places in Russia in which US citizens are not permitted to go. It is best to book travel through a known travel company that can grant sponsorship and help you navigate the visa system. The cost for Russian visas changes often as well, but as of July 20, 2019, it starts at $49 plus processing fees.


US citizens can travel Hong Kong with visa free but this rule is not effective in China’s mainland, that means if they plan to visit from US or from Hong Kong, they must apply for an entry visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General.

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

We advise that travelers must apply approximately one month before their trip; they will not be issued a visa at the port of entry. Cost for a single entry visa is $140.


Thanks to the beautiful landscapes, delicious food and hospitable locals, Vietnam has become one of the most popular Asian countries for US tourists. US citizens can apply more types of visa besides 1 month visa depending on period they want to stay, such as 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

There are 2 ways to apply for Vietnam visa: Applying at Vietnam Embassy in US or applying Vietnam visa on Arrival.

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

An alternative is a written approval letter gotten through a travel agency prior to departure for Vietnam that allows travelers to get a Visa on Arrival (VOA). Be wary of unscrupulous travel companies, which have been charging very high fees for these visas. The US Embassy also warns travelers that Vietnam has both a visa fee and a visa-processing fee, and sometimes it varies from person to person. For current fees, email the Vietnamese Embassy through its website.

How to apply Vietnam visa for US citizens?

Applying for visa at Vietnam Embassy in US

In this way, the first thing you have to do is find out the Vietnam embassy or consulate address in your nation. Preparing all necessary documents for applying visa on the appointment date is your next step. If your current living place doesn’t have Vietnam embassy or consulate, you need to go to the nearest place having them to do this process. This way helps you surely to hold your visa before you come to Vietnam, but it takes a lot of time for processing (it normally takes about 5 – 7 working days to get the result) as well as it wastes your effort and time, especially in case the embassy or consulate is far away from your home. For both US passport and other country’s passport, visitors need to come to the embassy 2 times: one for applying and one for picking the visa up.

For your convenience, we would like to give you the contact information of the Vietnam Embassy in US as below:

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

a. Vietnam Embassy in Washington D.C

  • Address: No. 1233, 20th Street Northwest, Washington, DC
  • Hours of operation: Embassy: Mon – Fri, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Consulate: Mon – Fri, 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
  • Tel: (+1) 202 861 0737
  • Consular emergency: (+1) 202 716 8666
  • Fax: (+1) 202 861 0917
  • Email: info@vietnamembassy.us (general information)/ vnconsular@vietnamembassy.us (consular affairs)

b. Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco

  • Address: No. 1700 California Street, San Francisco, California
  • Tel: (+1) 415 922 1577 | (+1) 415 922 1707
  • Fax: (+1) 415 922 1848 | (+1) 415 922 1757
  • Email: info@vietnamconsulate-sf.org

c. Consulate General of Vietnam in Houston

  • Address: No. 5251 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas
  • Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
  • Tel: (+1) 713 850 1233 | (+1) 713 840 0096
  • Fax: (+1) 713 840 0159 | (+1) 713 871 0312

d. Consulate General of Vietnam in New York

  • Address: 866 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York
  • Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Tel: (+1) 212 644 2535 | (+1) 212 644 0831
  • Fax: (+1) 212 644 5732
  • Email: lanhsuquan.newyork@gmail.com/info@vietnamconsulate-ny.org

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

The documents to apply visa at the embassy/ consulate are different from regions to regions. However, it normally includes:

  • Application form.
  • Passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Vietnam and still has at least two blank pages.
  • Recent passport-sized color photos (Image must be taken within the last 3 months; Photos should be in color and should be taken against a white background; Image must show the full face and without headgear (headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide the facial features)).
  • Relating documents basing on particular embassy/ consulate request.

Applying Vietnam visa on arrival

Foreigners in general and US passport holders in particular can apply Vietnam visa on Arrival in any country, no matter where you are, because this type of visa can be applied online.

5 nations that US citizens need to get visa to enter

To apply for Vietnam visa, you just need to follow 3 simple step below:

  • Fill in apply Vietnam Visa form on website with your information such as full name, passport number, date of birth, gender, nationality, date of arrival, type of visa…
  • Double check your information to make sure that all are correct, make a payment with a list of payment methods we accept and fill in the secure payment page for our visa service fee.
  • Receive approval letter in working hours. We shall automatically process approval letter and give the result back to your contact’s email on the bookings as processing time.

Applying Vietnam visa on Arrival or Business Vietnam visa, you can get your Vietnam visa in Alabama, California, Maryland, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Colorado or any cities in United States. Let’s apply visa at visaonlinevietnam.com!

Vietnam VISA exemption for United States citizens

In general, United States citizens are granted no VISA exemption for visiting Vietnam. Even though, there is a Vietnam VISA exemption for all nationalities to visit Phu Quoc Island. Since 2005, Phu Quoc Island has been classified as a Special Economic Zone and foreigners, including United States citizens, are eligible for a 30-day VISA exemption.

Here are the criteria for United States passport holders to benefit Phu Quoc Island VISA exemption:

  • Your passport must not expire within 6 months counted from your date of arrival in Phu Quoc Island.
  • You have a ticket to leave Phu Quoc Island to an international destination within 30 days from the day you arrived, whether via a cruise ship or a flight (that means you don’t have to fly directly to Phu Quoc but transit through one of Vietnam International Airports provided that Phu Quoc is your final destination).
  • You will leave Phu Quoc Island within 30 days and the onward destination is not within Vietnam territory.
  • You must not be on INTERPOL’s wanted persons’ list nor haven’t been previously extradited from Vietnam.


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