A Trip to Vietnam by motorcycle – Everything You Need When Traveling Across Vietnam

A Trip to Vietnam by motorcycle – Everything You Need When Traveling Across Vietnam

February 20, 2020 0 By Vietnam Embassy UAE

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie who are preparing for your first trip to Vietnam by motorcycle, you should bear in mind the following information!

It is undeniable that a motorcycle trip is one of the extremely popular activities among adventurous people. There are many ways for you to enjoy Vietnam on a motorcycle. You can take the tour through travel companies, or in a way that many people choose now is to travel by motorbike.

If you are about to go on a trip for the first time with little experience, you should consult my article so that you will get a lot of useful information about motorbike trips in Vietnam.

What Is A Motorbike Trip?

What is a motorbike trip? How to take a motorbike trip? I am sure that these are some of the questions that first-time backpackers are wondering. 

Well, motorbike travel is a form of tourism but it is self-planned and self-organized, using motorbikes as the main means of transport

A motorbike trip is different from other usual travel styles. When going on a motorbike trip, you have a chance to explore the beautiful and pristine landscapes of nature while conquering difficult terrains to experience and challenge ourselves. For many people, a motorbike trip is also a passion and an opportunity to rediscover themselves.

What To Prepare For A Motorbike Trip?

What do you need to prepare for a motorbike trip? What are the essentials for a Vietnam motorcycle trip? If you do not know what to prepare for a trip, let me give you a few suggestions:

Personal belongings

You think that a motorcycle trip is like a normal trip so you stuff your suitcase with a lot of clothes, shoes and other things, then you should think again. This is a backpacking experience. You should only bring essential items for personal use, and tie them tightly to the motorbike. 

For personal items, we should prioritize bringing lightweight clothes, depending on the weather. In addition, you should also bring towels, toothpaste, shower gel or sleeping bags and tents if you intend to camp.

Identification papers

In addition to personal belongings, identification papers are also essential when preparing for a motorcycle trip. You should bring:

  • Driving license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance
  • National identity card or citizen ID card
  • Passport
  • ATM card to withdraw money when needed

Protective gear for backpacking

Going on a motorcycle trip is an adventurous experience, so we need to specially prepare some protective gear such as a full head helmet, elbow and knee cover to avoid injuries, gloves, and raincoats. You can easily buy these items at grocery stores at reasonable prices.

Safety notes

When taking a Vietnam trip by motorcycle, you will have to drive through a lot of zigzagging and rocky mountain roads and your vehicle is a motorbike. Therefore, vehicle maintenance is of utmost importance. So the advice here is that you should bring a few essential items such as screwdrivers, wrench, pliers and so on.

Other appliances

In addition to those basic items above, you should pay attention to bringing some travel tools such as dryers, medical equipment, napkins, wet towels, flashlights, multi-function knives and so on.

Which Food Should You Prepare?

When going on a Vietnam motorcycle trip, you are expected to drive one thousand miles a day. So make sure to bring some snacks so that your guys can stay healthy throughout the trip. I suggest you bring:

  • Dry wages.
  • Variety of starches and cereals.
  • Chocolate for some additional energy.
  • Chewing candies or gum to stay awake.
  • Instant noodles and thermos bottles
  • Sesame salted rice
  • Types of fruits
  • Drinking water

Which Type Of Motorbike Should You Use?

When going on a Vietnam motorcycle trip, a motorbike is the most important thing. You should prioritize choosing a Honda motorbike because it requires less fuel, which is suitable for long-distance trips. In addition, we can also choose the Yamaha models. Although this brand consumes more fuel, it runs quite fast. Besides, you can choose a Suzuki motorbike to save fuel costs. Looking for reliable motorbike rental in Vietnam, you can check out BM Travel Adventure with a lot of great dirt bikes from 150cc above like Honda XR150, CRF250, DRZ400,…

In addition to the type of motorbike, make sure to fill your tank with petrol. Running out of petrol along the way is unexpected. You should fill the tank at gas stations to avoid falling into a dilemma when you have to walk for the rest of your trip.

Safety Notes

When it is difficult to access the roads due to bad weather, the most essential thing is that you must move slowly. If it rains too much, you need to shelter from the rain before moving on. In case you go through high mountains, you need to pay attention to erosion. When the roads are covered with heavy fog, you must turn on your headlights or fog lights to signal other oncoming vehicles. Another thing to note is that you should not go into the outback roads when it is too late.

This is also one of the important safety instructions you need to remember. Along the way, you will encounter some problems at times. In such situations, you need to keep calm and count on the support of the whole group. Moreover, when the incident occurs, don’t hesitate to ask for the help of the local people, the border guards or some other forces closest to you. 


That’s all about handy tips on traveling around Vietnam on a motorcycle. Thank you a lot for reading our article. Hope that these experiences will help you limit certain risks when going on a motorcycle trip throughout the S-shaped country and have a perfect plan for your upcoming trips to Vietnam. Wish you a fun and interesting trip!