Learn by heart 7 best places to visit Vietnam in June – July

Learn by heart 7 best places to visit Vietnam in June – July

November 21, 2018 0 By Mi Pandora

Summer is coming to town! Let’s give yourself a holiday to refresh your life. A trip to Vietnam is the most suitable for you this time, thanks to the tropical climate and beautiful nature. Below are some suggestions of the best places to visit Vietnam in June – July.

How Vietnam in June is? What is Vietnam weather in June/ July like?

In overview, in spite of it being a slightly mixed bag in terms of weather, Vietnam is still a good destination to travel in June. The northern part is in the midst of summer so temperature is high and also rain. Meanwhile, the southern part is now the middle point of wet season with daily downpours, especially in the afternoon. Moreover, the central part of this country in June hit its peak temperature, not too much sunshine, remains dry and bright weather. In this month, we advise you to visit beaches at this region, when there is lower number of visitors.

weather - best places to visit Vietnam in June

In detail:

North of Vietnam is in in the midst of summer, you will feel a little hot because the temperature is at 30 degree, sometime it is rainy. The mountains to the north such as Sapa, Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai, Mai Chau are wet and it’s unadvisable for trekking activity in this month.

The whole central of Vietnam are in dry, sunny days with blue sky throughout June. It’s best time if you plan to visit beaches of Hoi An, Danang and Nha Trang, once the climate is 30 degree. In the Central Highlands and Dalat to the west, although rainfall increases but it’s possible to travel.

South Vietnam turns into its wet season, rainfall will be slightly heavier than in previous months. However, you can expect plenty of dry and bright daylight hours in a day.

Best places to visit Vietnam in June/ July

1. Ha Long Bay – one of unique places to visit in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is one of 7 wonders of the world so this is the first one in list best places to visit Vietnam in June. This famous place attracts millions of tourists to come and visit every year. Are you a fan of swimming and water activities? If yes, now quickly spend your holiday to Ha Long Bay.

ha long bay - best places to visit Vietnam in June

Because of being located near Hanoi, in the North Vietnam, the weather in June is hot so you should treat yourself well by spending some days and night immersing in the nature of Ha Long, exploring mystical caves, temples and enjoying number of watersports. If you are lucky enough, you can also have a chance to take part in Tra Co festival.

2. Con Dao – best time to visit Vietnam

Is there anything interesting in this Island? Coming to Con Dao in June and July, you will have the opportunity to see turtles lay eggs, because this is laying season of this animal. Watching white eggs carefully placed into the hole and baby turtles hatching become a special moment in your mind.

con dao - best places to visit Vietnam in June

Con Dao Island which is also called “Devil’s Island of Indochina” has its peaceful beaches, endless white sandy shores and the wildlife in the National Park. Do not miss out Con Dao Prison to find out more about Vietnamese history. This pristine island with variety of fresh and delicious seafood is waiting for you this summer!

3. Da Nang – best part of Vietnam

Da Nang is in the central part of Vietnam, considered to be the cleanest and the most livable city in Vietnam. With a reasonable price, you can discover the whole Da Nang without any complaint!

One of backpackers’ hobby is going across many well-known bridge when coming to Da Nang. Because this city has lots of beautiful bridges such as Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly, Rotary bridge on Han river… Aside from, many sightseeing that you should not miss are Champa museum – a historical place, Linh Ung Pogoda, Son Tra Peninsula and Ba Na Hill. Visitors can as well spend time on a number of pretty beaches as My Khe, Non Nuoc, My An…

da nang - best places to visit Vietnam in June

Don not forget to try speciality here! There are fresh and tasty seafood, Quang noodle, sauce noodle, duck congee, bread soup, Cao Lau, chicken rice…

4. Hoi An

Just more than 30 kilometers away from Da Nang, Hoi An is a little pretty town located in a peaceful land. Of course you can take a relaxing travel, a full-sunshine holiday by living in the beach area like An Bang and Cua Dai, but the suggestion for you is living in the middle of ancient town – where you can experience life style of the local.

hoi an - best places to visit Vietnam in June

How to have a fruitful trip? Visiting the tailors along the street to watch traditional clothes “Ao dai”, going shopping at many ancient stores, riding a bike to explore old alleys and of course taking a food tour around this old town are too enough. Do you know a full moon party? It’s a night with brightly colorful floating lanterns on the river. If you want to experience this memorable moment, you just need to happen to be in Hoi An on the middle days of any lunar month.

5. Da Lat

Although there is more rain spreading through the northern mountains and central highlands in June and July, this is still a suitable time to visit Da Lat, enjoy the fresh and cool air here. Why is it the last one in list best places to visit Vietnam in June – July?

This city on the plateau is in best places to visit Vietnam in June and July because of its weather and landscape. Being popular about the name of “Thousand flowers city”, Da Lat is a place where you can find a variety types of flowers, both you know and you do not know. What do you think about preparing a full – charge camera, a notebook and a pen to save all name of them?

đà lạt - best places to visit Vietnam in June

I quiz you to find any traffic lights in Da Lat! This peaceful city is a little small, just as large as a district of Saigon but there is no traffic lights and traffic jams at all because of its terrain. Weather is very good, neither too hot as in northern part nor heavily rainy as in southern part of Vietnam, so you will have great time of shopping, eating and exploring.

Many wonderful places that you must visit are Mong Mo Hill, Love Valley, Than Tho Lake, City Flower Garden, Bao Dai Palace, Da Lat Cathedral, Lang Biang Mountain, Elephant Falls… or many unnamed picturesque as French colonial buildings, sights on the way to Tuyen Lam lake, view from any hills, …

da lat - best places to visit Vietnam in June

There are numerous ways for you to discover the city of dreamlike beauty, such as hiking, biking, cruising or simply walking. People says that, no matter how many times you come to the Da Lat, you still want to come back one more time.


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