Enjoy The Taste Of Hanoi Street Food on a Motorbike

Enjoy The Taste Of Hanoi Street Food on a Motorbike

February 16, 2020 0 By Vietnam Embassy UAE

Hanoi street food will never let you down!”- This is one of the most common comments made by travelers when it comes to Hanoi cuisine. The delicious flavor mixed with the eye-catching appearance of the street food here will surely bring you a one-in-a-life-time experience ever! 

Riding a motorbike along the street to enjoy the beauty of Hanoi culinary delicacy is highly appreciated by many travelers as they can experience Hanoi to the fullest. Believe me, a motorbike tour around Hanoi can make your experience more awesome than ever!

What are you waiting for? Hop on your bike and start a culinary discovery tour in Hanoi right now!

Why Should You Travel By Motorbike To Enjoy Hanoi Street Food? 

If this question still makes you get butterflies in your stomach, stay calm because your concern will be dispelled soon. Well, as you all may know, motorcycles are the main means of transportation for Vietnamese people.

Hanoi Street Food

This vehicle has created a unique yet simple image of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends. It would be a real mistake if you just enjoy Vietnamese street food without experiencing the cultural traits that come with it. 

Simple Hanoians often ride their motorbikes, stop by a roadside diner and enjoy the taste of the food while looking at the life rhythm of the capital.

Imagine how wonderful it will be if you can experience both the taste of Hanoi street food and the culture here! And this is also the reason why many people choose to enjoy Hanoi motorbike tours to experience a unique Hanoi from a different angle.

Enjoy The Special Street Food Of Hanoi Within A Day

It is no coincidence that Hanoi is included in the list of top 10 Asian culinary paradises! An elegant and gentle Hanoi attracts visitors from all over the world due to the beauty of its culinary delicacy.

In order to immerse yourself in Hanoi’s unique street food in one day, what should you eat? Let’s take a look at what you can get on a Hanoi street food tour on a motorbike:


Banh mi

Banh mi is the best sandwich in the world voted by Fodor’s Travel and Hanoi also owns many unique banh mi dishes. There are many ways to process this dish with different ingredients, depending on the taste and preferences of each person. 

You can find banh mi at every corner of Hanoi street by your motorbike. “Banh mi Thai Thinh”, “ Banh mi Ba Dan” are some of the famous places that should be included in your list.

Egg Coffee

Coffee with eggs? Sound fantastic, right?  

If Saigon is famous for iced milk coffee, Hanoi wins the hearts of many tourists because of its delicious egg coffee. You may feel a bit strange with this coffee, but trust me, you will fall head over heels for it at the very first taste. 

The two seemingly unrelated ingredients complement each other, making the egg coffee gain its fame on foreign newspapers such as CNN or The Guardian. “Giang coffee” is the place you should not miss when having a desire to taste this coffee.

Stop your motorcycle and drink a cup of egg coffee for a fresh new day, why not?


Bun Cha

Lunchtime is yet to come. A Hanoi street food tour will offer you a big lunch so that you can recharge your battery and nothing can do this as effectively as Bun Cha.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Bun Cha is an ideal choice. However, eating Bun Cha at noon is the best. This intriguing dish is characterized by a barbecue called “Cha” which is deeply marinated and grilled.

The dish will be served with a special sweet and sour sauce mixed with papaya and carrots. You will eat Bun Cha with raw vegetables, do not be afraid because they are all washed and hygienic. You can visit “ Bun Cha Huong Lien” for a perfect lunch.

Pickled dracontomelon juice

Maybe you are thirsty now. The heat of the afternoon of Hanoi may make you a little bit uncomfortable. But don’t worry, a cup of pickled dracontomelon juice will immediately dispel the heat. 

Dracontomelon is a typical fruit of Hanoi. It is sold everywhere along Hanoi streets. Many tourists still consider the flavor of pickled dracontomelon juice crocodile juice as sweet as “their first love”. 

Take a sip of dracontomelon juice and you will feel that the sweet and sour taste blends perfectly. Nothing is as wonderful as drinking pickled dracontomelon juice in Hanoi.



In the evening, Hanoi is also colder. A motorbike tour around Hanoi will offer you an out-of-the-world dinner with a traditional dish of Vietnam-Pho. Referring to Hanoi street food, surely the first dish that everyone remembers it is Pho. 

Pho is considered the culinary soul of Vietnamese people in general and Hanoians in particular. A delicious Pho is a moderate combination of sweet and fragrant noodle soup which is stewed from beef bones and other ingredients such as lemon, chili, onion, pepper, and soft white Pho.

For a delicious Pho in the evening, you can ride your motorbike to Bat Dan street or Mai Hac De street to enjoy this fantastic dish there.


One of the famous desserts in Vietnam is Che. Che or sweet soup can bring you a brand new experience as it is super tasty. In Hanoi, Che is diverse in terms of cooking styles and flavors. But no matter what kind of Che you eat, you can always feel the unforgettable sweet taste for sure.

The Bottom Line

Hanoi street food is usually cheap and suitable for ordinary people. But sometimes the image of international stars and famous people who are sitting in a plastic chair at a sidewalk restaurant to enjoy a set of Bun Cha or a bowl of Pho still happens. That President Barack Obama enjoyed Huong Lien bun cha is a typical example.

Can’t wait to enjoy Vietnamese street food? Let join a street food tour in Hanoi and start your adventure motorbike tours in Vietnam now!