The Quickest Route: Fast Visa to Vietnam 2023 for Hassle-free Entry

The Quickest Route: Fast Visa to Vietnam 2023 for Hassle-free Entry

September 27, 2023 0 By Vietnam Embassy UAE

Fast Visa to Vietnam?

It can be a stressful situation to realize that you require a Vietnam visa urgently. Nevertheless, there are various dependable and prompt alternatives available for obtaining an emergency visa to Vietnam. By making some preparations and using the appropriate service, it’s possible to acquire a Vietnam visa in as little as a few hours.

Express Visa to Vietnam

Fast Visa to Vietnam

The quickest and most convenient approach to obtain an emergency visa for Vietnam is to request an expedited e-visa service. Typically, a standard Vietnam e-visa takes approximately 3-5 business days to process. However, by paying an additional expedite charge and selecting a faster processing time, you can receive approval in just 4-8 working hours on a regular weekday.

Here are the main options for getting an express e-visa to Vietnam:

Expedited Pending E-Visa Application

If you’ve already applied for a Vietnam e-visa through the government’s official website, but it hasn’t been approved yet, you can speed up the processing by paying a fee. You’ll need to provide your pending application code and choose from three options for faster processing: same day, next working day delivery, or 2 working days. The cost for expedited service ranges from $50 to $80 on top of the standard $25 e-visa fee.

  • Fastest processing: 4-8 working hours (weekdays only)
  • Not available on weekends/holidays
  • Only for pending applications

Emergency E-Visa Service

Alternatively, you can apply for a completely new expedited or emergency e-visa if you haven’t already applied. You’ll need to fill out the visa application form online, upload documents like passport pages and photos, enter your travel details and make the payment. Processing times range from 1-2 working days with fees between $50-120 depending on how fast you need the visa.

  • Fastest processing: 1 working day
  • Weekend/holiday processing not available
  • For new e-visa applications

Vietnam Visa On Arrival

An alternative choice is to request for pre-authorization for a visa when you arrive in Vietnam. You will be granted an approval notice within 1-2 business hours, which you have to print and take with you to the airport. Upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports, you can get your visa stamped on your passport at the visa on arrival desk. The fees vary from $29 to $139 depending on whether you need a single or multiple entry permit.

  • Fastest processing: 2-4 working hours (weekdays)
  • Only available when traveling by air on a tour package
  • Must enter Vietnam via major international airports

So in summary, e-visas processed within 1 working day are the fastest way to get an emergency tourist visa for Vietnam. Visa on arrival can also work if you are flying into Vietnam on a short notice.

How Quickly Can I Get a Visa for Vietnam?

Fast Visa to Vietnam

Vietnam has simplified its visa process in recent years by introducing e-visas for tourists. However, the standard processing time for a Vietnam e-visa application is 3-5 business days. Here is an overview of how quickly you can obtain a visa based on the method:

  • Regular e-visa: 3-5 business days processing
  • Expedited e-visa: 4-8 working hours processing (weekdays only)
  • Emergency e-visa: 1 working day processing
  • Visa on arrival: 2-4 working hours for approval letter

So if you need a visa to Vietnam ultra quickly, such as in 1 day, an emergency e-visa is your best option. For a moderately fast visa in 2-3 days, expedited e-visa processing would work. And a standard e-visa takes roughly 5 days total.

Some key tips when applying for a rush Vietnam visa:

  • Apply early – Prices are lower and you avoid delays
  • Check processing times carefully
  • Pay for faster processing if needed
  • Double check your application is error-free
  • Have passport pages and photos scanned and ready
  • Use a reputable visa agency for help

As long as you avoid weekends and holidays, it’s quite possible to get a visa for Vietnam issued in 24 hours or less using the right express service. Just be prepared to pay extra for the fastest processing.

Apply for Emergency Visa to Vietnam

Fast Visa to Vietnam

If you’ve just discovered you need to make an urgent trip to Vietnam, here are some steps to apply for an emergency tourist visa quickly:

Check Visa Requirements

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your entry date to Vietnam. If not, you may need to renew your passport first.
  • Make sure you are eligible for an e-visa. Citizens of certain countries can get an e-visa while others need a traditional visa.
  • Review the types of visas available. Tourist visas are suitable for most travelers.

Prepare Required Documents

  • Have a scanned copy of your passport biodata page ready. It must be a clear, color scan, not a photo.
  • Also prepare a passport-style photo taken against a white background. It should be sized at least 3.5 x 4.5 cm or 500 x 600 pixels.
  • Proof of hotel booking or travel itinerary showing your entry and exit dates.

Choose the Right Visa Agency

  • To save time, it’s best to use a professional visa agency instead of applying directly.
  • Look for an agency with fast processing options and good reviews.
  • Ask about their emergency visa services and fees. Compare costs and processing times.

Complete the Visa Application

  • Fill out the visa application form completely online. Take care to enter details accurately.
  • Upload your documents like passport scan, photo and hotel reservations.
  • Choose the fastest processing time that fits your schedule and budget.
  • Double check all information before submitting the application.
  • Make online payment for visa fees and expedited processing.
  • Receive approval email and e-visa PDF within the timeframe specified.

Vietnam Expedited E-Visa Service

Fast Visa to Vietnam

One of the fastest ways to get a visa for Vietnam urgently is through expedited or express e-visa processing. Here’s an overview of how it works:

What is Expedited E-Visa Service?

  • It is a premium service to get your existing e-visa application processed faster, usually within 1 day or a few hours on weekdays.
  • You pay an extra fee on top of the standard $25 visa cost to speed up processing.
  • Only available if you have already started an e-visa application that is still pending.

How to Apply for Expedited E-Visa

Follow these steps to expedite a pending Vietnam e-visa request:

  1. Access your e-visa application status online using your application number. Make sure it is in “pending processing” status, not “waiting for payment.”
  1. Choose the expedited processing time you need – 4-8 hours, next working day or 2 working days. Faster times cost more.
  1. Enter your e-visa application details and pay the expedited service fee online.
  1. Wait to receive approval email and e-visa PDF within your selected timeframe.
  1. Check that all personal details on your issued e-visa are accurate before travel.

Expedited Processing Fees

The cost to expedite an e-visa depends on how quickly you need it processed:

  • Within 4-8 working hours: $80
  • Next working day: $65
  • 2 working days: $50

Plus you still have to pay the $25 standard Vietnam e-visa fee on the official website. So total costs range from $75-$105.

Expedited E-Visa Benefits

  • Get your visa from 1 day to a few hours instead of waiting 3-5 days
  • Convenient online process through visa agencies
  • Avoid delays that could cause you to miss your flight or trip
  • Fast solution for emergency business or personal travel

So for a small extra fee, expedited service helps peace of mind when you urgently need your visa approved in less than 24 hours.

Vietnam Emergency E-Visa Processing

Fast Visa to Vietnam

If you don’t already have a pending e-visa application, another fast option is to apply for emergency visa processing as a new application. Here are the steps involved:

What is Emergency E-Visa Processing?

  • It allows you to get a new Vietnam e-visa issued in 1 working day instead of 3-5 days.
  • Available for tourists and business visitors who need a visa immediately.
  • Involves completing an accelerated application and paying extra fees.
  • Approval letter is emailed to you on the next working day if submitted early.

Who Needs Emergency E-Visa Processing?

It best serves these types of urgent situations:

  • Family emergencies or funerals requiring last-minute travel
  • Business meetings or site visits scheduled on short notice
  • Unexpected change in travel plans due to flight changes
  • Invited at the last minute to a conference or event in Vietnam
  • Forgotten to apply in time for your visa before departure

How to Apply for Emergency E-Visa

Follow these steps to get an emergency visa for Vietnam fast:

  1. Access the e-visa application form of a rush visa service online.
  1. Carefully enter your personal, passport and travel details.
  1. Upload scanned copies of your passport, photo and hotel booking.
  1. Select the 1 working day processing time.
  1. Pay the emergency visa fee online using a credit or debit card.
  1. Wait to receive your approval letter and e-visa by email on the next working day.
  1. Check all details are correct and print the visa to bring to Vietnam.

Emergency E-Visa Processing Fees

  • 1 working day processing: $120
  • 2 working days: $95
  • 3 working days: $75

Plus $25 for the standard Vietnam e-visa fee. So total costs range from $100-$145.

While pricier than a regular visa, it can be worthwhile to get your visa urgently in 1 day without delays. Just remember to apply early on a weekday.

Vietnam Emergency Visa On Arrival

Fast Visa to Vietnam

Another potential option for getting a rush visa for Vietnam is the visa on arrival process. Here are the key details:

What is Visa On Arrival?

  • Allows you to get your visa stamped when you arrive at major airports in Vietnam.
  • Involves applying online beforehand for approval letter which you must print out.
  • Approval letter issued very quickly in just 2-4 working hours.
  • You present approval letter at airport visa desk to get visa in passport.

Is Emergency Visa on Arrival Available?

  • Technically visa on arrival is available year-round, even urgently.
  • But it currently can only be used if flying into Vietnam on a pre-arranged tour.
  • Independent travelers cannot get visa on arrival, only tour package groups.

So while fast, visa on arrival is not a viable option for most individual travelers needing an emergency tourist visa currently. Rules could be relaxed in future to open it up.

Applying for Visa On Arrival

If traveling on a Vietnam tour package, you can apply for rush visa on arrival approval by:

  • Completing the simple online visa on arrival application form
  • Uploading passport pages and a passport photo
  • Entering your arrival flight details
  • Making the payment of around $25-$45 depending on single/multiple entry
  • Receiving approval letter via email in just 2-4 working hours
  • Printing the approval letter to bring to the airport

Visa On Arrival Fees

Fees for visa on arrival pre-approval letters are:

  • Single entry: $29
  • Multiple entry: $50
  • Multiple entry, 6 months validity: $139

There may be small admin charges added by your visa agency.

When you arrive, there is an additional airport stamping fee of around $25-$50 paid onsite.

Summary of Available Methods to Get a Rush Visa for Vietnam

Fast Visa to Vietnam

To summarize, here are the main ways to get an urgent or emergency visa for Vietnam along with the fast possible processing times:

Method Fastest Processing Time Overview
Expedited E-Visa 4-8 hours (weekdays) For pending e-visa applications only. Not on weekends.
Emergency E-Visa 1 working day New application processed in 24 hours. Weekends not available.
Visa On Arrival 2-4 hours (weekdays) Pre-approval letter only. Currently limited to tour packages.

So in most situations, an emergency e-visa processed within 1 working day will be the quickest option for independent travelers. Expedited e-visa or visa on arrival are faster but have restrictions.

No matter which rush visa service you choose, be sure to:

  • Apply early on a weekday to avoid delays
  • Have all required documents ready
  • Check the visa agency is reputable and reviews are good
  • Confirm all personal details manually before travel
  • Print your approval letter or e-visa to carry with you

Paying extra fees for accelerated visa processing gives peace of mind that your visa will be approved in time for your urgent travel plans.

Advices for a Fast Visa to Vietnam

Fast Visa to Vietnam

Here are some top tips to help ensure a smooth visa application process when you need to get a visa to Vietnam quickly:

Apply Early

Give yourself as much time as possible by applying at least several days in advance, earlier if trying to get your visa in just 1-2 days. Avoid applying late on a Friday if you want your emergency visa issued on Monday.

Have Documents Ready

Make sure you have digital copies of your passport, passport photo and any other required documents ready to upload to the visa application form. This avoids delays searching for files. Use a color scanner or digital camera for clear copies.

Complete Form Carefully

Fill out the Vietnam e-visa or visa on arrival application form slowly and carefully. Double check you have entered all personal and passport details 100% accurately to match your passport. Any mistakes will cause delays.

Check Processing Times

Clearly check the processing timeframes and fees for different expedited options before applying. Understand the difference between next working day delivery versus next calendar day for instance.

Use Express Options

Pay the extra fees to select the accelerated processing times like 4-8 hours, 24 hours or 2 days maximum. This guarantees urgent processing and approval for your emergency trip.

Apply on a Weekday

For fastest approval, apply on a weekday Monday to Friday. Avoid weekends and holidays which can cause longer delays. Limited staffing means less same day approvals.

Confirm Details on Visa

Carefully check all personal information on your issued e-visa or visa on arrival approval letter. Make sure your name, passport, dates etc are exactly right before you travel to avoid issues.

Carry Hard Copy When Traveling

Don’t forget to have a printed hard copy of your e-visa approval letter or visa on arrival pre-approval with you when traveling. You must show this documentation at immigration control when entering Vietnam.

5 FAQs about Fast Visas to Vietnam

Here are answers to five common questions travelers have about getting an urgent or emergency visa quickly for Vietnam:

1. How quickly can I get a Vietnam visa?

  • Regular e-visas take 3-5 days
  • Expedited e-visas take 4-8 hours (weekdays only)
  • Emergency e-visas can be issued in 1 working day
  • Visa on arrival pre-approval takes 2-4 working hours

2. Can I get a Vietnam visa in 24 hours?

Yes, emergency e-visa processing allows you to receive approval typically in just 1 working day if you apply early on a weekday and pay priority fees. This is the fastest option for individuals needing an urgent visa.

3. Is visa on arrival available instantly?

No, you must apply for pre-approval online first which takes 2-4 working hours on weekdays. Visa on arrival is also currently restricted to organized tour groups only. Independent travelers must get an e-visa.

4. Can I apply on a weekend or holiday?

Unfortunately expedited and emergency visa processing is not possible on weekends and holidays. You should apply on a working weekday for fastest approval in 24 hours or less.

5. Is an expedited visa refundable if delayed?

No, expedited and emergency visa fees are non-refundable as you pay for accelerated processing. But reputable agencies will issue a free replacement visa if not delivered within the guaranteed timeframe.

So in summary, getting a rush Vietnam visa in 24 hours, 48 hours or a few working days is possible but requires paying premium fees and applying early on a working weekday. Know the fastest options for your situation.


If you need to go to Vietnam urgently for personal or business reasons, you can speed up the process of getting a visa in some situations and obtain it within one working day. You have a few options available depending on your nationality and travel details, such as emergency e-visas, expedited e-visas, or visa on arrival. To get approval quickly, you can pay additional fees, apply early in the week, and work with a specialist visa agency. Although it may be costly, the rush visa processing will ensure that your documents are completed in time for your important trip, providing you with peace of mind.

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