Granting visa-free in Vietnam representative agencies abroad


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​1. ​​Get Profile Apply in person at the headquarters of the missions or by mail.
(See list of missions with consular functions for more detailed information about the address and time of filing and receiving the results).
​2. Representative body for consideration and settlement. Agency representatives review records, if any unclear points need to verify the power of the Consular Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Department of Public Security.
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1. A declaration granting visa exemption (form). ​
2. One of the papers, documents evidencing the Vietnam residing abroad under Vietnam law or international treaties to which Vietnam is a member or the documents issued previously used for speculation Nationality of Vietnam stem or root. Where there is no proof of Vietnam who settled abroad, the parties may present a guarantee of Vietnam’s associations in the country of residence or citizenship Vietnam guarantees litigants Vietnam had settled abroad.
Foreigners are spouses, children of Vietnam residing overseas or citizens of Vietnam, there must be proof of relationship spouse, children with Vietnam or residing overseas Vietnamese citizens South (marriage registration certificate, birth certificate, certificate of paternity, mothers and other valuable papers in accordance with the law of Vietnam). ​
3. Foreign passport or who have a foreign passport, they must have residence permit issued by foreign countries (together with copies to the competent authority to file). ​
4. Where no papers prescribed in Clause 2 of this Article, the applicant may present a document issued by the competent authority of a foreign country if the applicant stating that the original nationality or ethnic Vietnamese South to the competent agencies of Vietnam consider granting visa exemption. ​
Number of records One (01) item.
Form, declaration form Documents specified
Name form, declaration form



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