Join North Vietnam motorbike route through these 6 dream-like places

Join North Vietnam motorbike route through these 6 dream-like places

March 7, 2020 0 By Vietnam Embassy UAE

The youth is what each of us only experiences once in life, so it is great to experience diverse emotions and accumulate more life experiences by traveling through incredible lands as much as possible. What could be better than to go to strange, beautiful, and poetic lands which bring unforgettable memories? 

Vietnam, especially North Vietnam is now one of the top destinations for those who want to get back to nature. Traveling to Vietnam on a North Vietnam motorbike route, visitors will discover fascinating natural landscapes and endless impressive architectural works created by the skillful hands of local people. Don’t hesitate to plan for your youthful North Vietnam motorbike route to the hottest tourist destinations below.

Ha Giang

The beautiful mountainous region named Ha Giang is deemed as one perfect pick among top must-visit destinations in the perfect checklists of traveling, discovery, and nature lovers. The mountainous terrain covered with blue sky, lush green forests make the temperature in Ha Giang always cool and refreshing. 

Here, you can get immersed in the immense green color of Yen Minh pine forest, known as the 2nd Da Lat in the North with tall, green pine trees pointing straight to the sky. In the early morning, the sun shines slightly through immature tree canopies, making a romantic and gentle scene. But, at sunset, the landscape will quickly turn into a mysterious, magical picture similar to a scene of the movie Twilight. 

If you are a romantic person, don’t forget to travel to Sung La valley in the middle of the rock plateau, which is dazzling with thousands of fragrant blooming flowers, corny fields under the enchanting blue sky. Following a long row of ancient samu trees, you will be led straight to the Hmong King’s mansion with architectural styles coming from three big cultures including France, China, and the Hmong people. 

Ha Giang luckily owns many endless stunning, sacred, and mystifying landscapes including Pho Bang, Dong Van town, Lung Cu flagpole, Dong Van’s stone plateau, Ma Pi Leng pass, Hoang Phu Si mountain, and Ha Giang fair market. Each area of Ha Giang land, every person here, and their unique lifestyle is really a special story that travelers need to take time to learn. 

Tam Coc – Bich Dong

The best time to visit Tam Coc-Bich Dong – Halong Bay on land is at the end of May and early June. With charming scenery, this place is such an endless inspiration for multiple wedding photos, yearbooks, and a collection of extremely beautiful virtual photos. Coming here, you will travel through a population of glorious limestone mountains, shiny golden rice fields, ancient pagodas, mysterious sedimentary formations and caves, and peaceful small rivers winding at the bottom of the massive mountain. This scenic complex is always listed in the top 20 tourist destinations. Taking a boat tour through this poetic location will surprise you from time to time.


Sapa is one of the best names in the long list of suggestions for a North Vietnam motorbike route, especially for young people. Venturing along beautiful mountainous roads, this dreamy land is always an ideal destination for every season.

Sapa is mysterious and fanciful in the cloudy mist with the cool weather throughout the year. Poetic, rustic but charming. That’s the three words to describe most clearly the beauty of Sapa. Sapa also has endless stunning landscapes to admire. You can hike in groups or take a cable car at one of the most modern cable systems in the world to top of Fansipan, the Indochina roof. Or else, visit Ta Van village, which is such a virtual paradise floating in between 9 clouds. Enjoy the fragrant smoke of ripe rice terraces, look at hardworking grandmothers weaving colorful brocades. For journeys to the Central highlands, making a visit to the peaceful local villages and learning more about the daily life of the minorities are the best on Earth.

Moc Chau

Moc Chau is famous for its vast dairy farms and endless green hills. The climate is extremely favorable and the air in Moc Chau is always scented with aromatic plants that will rejuvenate your youthful soul instantly.

Each season passing by will leave, Moc Chau with new appearances. However, in our mind, Moc Chau is also the sweet charming land with the scene of rolling hills and mountains. When spring comes, peach blossoms and white plum blossoms seem to paint the spot slight pinkish. This is enough to certify Moc Chau as the real paradise through motorbike tours to Northern Vietnam

Then, the light yellow anemone, the white cabbage flowers, and the red poinsettia seem to make the vast fields full of colors. Coming here on the blooming season of flowers, people will surely fall into the authentic charms of Moc Chau. 

Halong Bay

Recognized as a World Natural Heritage site with thousands of beautiful islands, sacred temples, and historical and cultural relics, Halong Bay is such a vivid, charming and lovely watercolor painting in North Vietnam. The beauty of the blue water here has captivated many souls of tourists from inside and outside the country.

The place in distinctive seasons is beautiful in a different way. April-May or August to October is an ideal time for you to come admire the magical beauty of gorgeous Ha Long Bay. The breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay can be seen from many different angles and views. You can go around the bay by kayak to explore mysterious caves filled with sediments, stalactites. If money doesn’t matter, don’t hesitate to take a tour of the whole bay from above by airplanes. Know more about the simple life of a fisherman in a visit to a local fishing village. 

Visitors are also amazed by the magic of nature when touring through Sung Sot cave, Bo Nong cave, Tam Cung cave … Spend about 1 to 2 days to explore the complete journey to this kingdom of caves. You will experience from surprise to surprise with many magical emotions. 

There is more to sightsee,

One certain thing is that North Vietnam also comes with many other attractive destinations that will surely make your journey out of this world. Don’t just limit your trip only through beautiful tourist sites in the North that we have suggested above. A North Vietnam motorbike route to enjoy the beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, unique culture, and the ability to meet friendly and hospitable people will ensure your trip to be complete and satisfied. Visit to choose your favorite motorbike tours with detailed prices and services.