Settlement Of Banned Exit Or Entry in UAE

Settlement Of Banned Exit Or Entry in UAE

December 24, 2018 0 By Mi Pandora

Foreigners sometimes will be listed on the system of Vietnam Immigration Department and banned exit, entry, or visa extension in Vietnam

A passenger named in such system will not be applied Vietnam visa extension, not made exit procedures and visa document to apply for Vietnam immigration visa.

So how should such passenger treat in that case? How to remove the name in such list? How to treat such case?

We,, a company specialize in treating such prohibited cases so that the passenger is possible to apply for a visa, extend a visa, and make immigration procedures.

A/ For banned exit cases or visa extension:

Procedures as follows:

Step 1: The passenger sends us your current records, including: passport, temporary residence card, visa, other papers such as dispute forms, lawsuit ones, corporate papers in Vietnam, or other relevant ones.

Step 2: Present reasons for and causes of the prohibition of entry from the Immigration Department.

Step 3: We will quote, inform of time and the procedure of settlement

We will proceed to settle your case so that you are possible to make an exit as usual.

B/ For banned entry cases

Settlement Of Banned Exit Or Entry in UAE

Step 1: The passenger presents reasons for the prohibition of entry, generally included in some followings:

–          Immigrate into Vietnam and violate Vietnam law.

–          Be sued and lost in a certain judgment

–          Appearance of entry sign will cause and violate Vietnam law.

–          Other cases for our impossibility of settlement

Step 2: We will quote, inform of time for settlement.

After settling such cases, we will proceed to issue a visa to ensure your normal entry, and accuracy of our settlement.

For settled cases, the passenger should comply with Vietnam in case of Vietnam entry.

We have experienced in handling such banned exit or entry cases for over 10 years, the passengers often make errors as follows:

–          Vietnam entry with the reasons wrong with the purposes in a visa: For example, the passenger enters into Vietnam with a visa signed Tourism (DL) or a commercial or working visa signed DN but such passenger has worked in Vietnam for over 3 months against the stipulated period in the visa. After that, such case is discovered, such passenger is caught and is forced to expel from Vietnam. In this case, such passenger will be named in the blacklist and banned from Vietnam entry.

–          Vietnam entry and violation of law such as disturbance of public order, traffic violation, or criminal involvement, lawsuit.

–          Overdue visa for a long time.

Now, we have settled thousands of cases including cases of passengers with the nationality of such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Filipine, Singapore, Germany, France, America, etc.

For passengers with the nationality of Africa and the Middle East, it’s more difficult to settle such passengers’ cases. Therefore, such passengers should contact us for further information.