Top 10 Fabulous Destinations in Vietnam Central Highlands

Top 10 Fabulous Destinations in Vietnam Central Highlands

January 28, 2020 0 By Vietnam Embassy UAE

If you want to explore Vietnam by motorcycle, here are the top 10 best destinations in Vietnam Central Highlands you should visit even once. Discover them right now!

Thanks to majestic natural scenery, Vietnam Central Highlands – the multicultural area, becomes an ideal destination for those who love to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Vietnam Central Highlands are home to numerous ethnic communities as well as long-lasting traditions. This place captivates a lot of tourists by the wildness of vast forests and the endless strong flow of great waterfalls. With such picturesque scenery, I’m sure that all your time here is unforgettable. 

Before heading out to explore the allure of this spot, let’s find out what places in the Central Highlands best suit your holiday.

10 Best Destinations in Vietnam Central Highlands


  • Indochinese junction


Wanna learn more about Vietnamese history? Well, the Indochinese junction is your ideal option. In the past, it was a deserted place devastated by the war. Till 2007, with the agreement of the three countries, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, the construction of the Indochinese milestone was started, then completed in 2008. The landmark is built entirely of shiny granite. This work is also considered as a testament to the peace and friendship of the three Indochinese countries. 


  • Langbiang Mountain


If you desire to experience an impressive Vietnam motorcycle trip through rugged terrains, this place will be your best choice. Langbiang Mountain is famous for not only its charming scenery but also the legend associated with a painful love story between a man called Lang and a woman named Biang. 

Coming here, you can also participate in extremely attractive activities such as climbing or tasting the feeling of flying in the sky with paragliding. I bet that you will have memorable moments when you come to this place. 

Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang Mountain


  • Ta Dung Nature Reserve


Ta Dung Nature is the site to preserve diverse and rare ecosystems. It is also recognized as a habitat for some endangered plant species.

When looking at Ta Dung Lake from above, the beauty of nature with more than 36 large and small islands undulating on the lake will make a deep impression on your mind. You can rent a boat to enjoy the peaceful space while surfing on a quiet lake. It’s very cool for the summer holidays. 


  • Love Valley


About 7km from the city center to the east north, Love Valley is one of the most lyrical and poetic destinations in Dalat. You can follow the trails or climb hundreds of levels, passing through the colorful flower gates to Vong Canh hill. 

Tourists can participate in attractive tourist services such as duck riding, canoeing, paint gun shooting, free swing zip line, and team building. 


  • Ea Sno Lake


You love the beauty of the lakes? Then the Ea Sno Lake is the place you must go! Why? Despite being known for a long time, Ea Snô Lake still retains the wild and charming features. The entire area is surrounded by rolling hills and green special-use forests.

It has a very rich and diverse flora and fauna system, contributing to increasing the attraction for visitors coming to this place.

However, you need mentally prepare yourself. When the rainy season comes, the dirt road becomes muddy, causing difficulties in moving. You can choose a manual motorcycle to make it easier.


  • The Cathedrale 


This is probably the church with the most unique architecture in Vietnam Central Highlands. The church is considered as a place that brings a majestic, magnificent beauty with the European style but still retains the typical cultural characteristics of the Central Highlands. You can find out some interesting features in this kind of architecture such as mixture between the West and the East. 


  • Mang Den ecotourism


Mang Den ecotourism area has long been known as a resort paradise of Kon Tum City. With an elevation of 1,200m above sea level, the resort attracts so many tourists due to its fresh and cool air and shining scenery. 

Besides, there are several activities to explore the cultural identity of the indigenous people. You can lie under the trees and listen to the music from their flutes.

Mang Den ecotourism


  • Nhon Hoa village


Have you ever ridden an elephant? I bet that this will be an exotic experience in your life. For the ethnic groups living in Vietnam Central Highlands, domestication of elephants has been a tradition for many generations. 

The elephants are nurtured to serve the productive life of the people here. In recent years, these elephants have been put into tourism for the purpose of bringing interesting experiences for visitors when visiting the village.


  • Datanla Waterfall


It is voted as one of the top 10 Dalat tourist destinations in Da Lat city that cannot be missed. What attracts visitors when coming to this place is the majestic scenery, striking mountain forests along with a multitude of games and adventure activities such as zip-lining, and sliding. If you want to explore the elegance of this place in a simple way, it is highly recommended to take the cable car here.


  •  Da Lat mountain train station


The final destination we want to mention is quite familiar. Guess what? It’s a train station! This train station attracts visitors by its ancient, contemplative looks. As one of the two oldest stations in Vietnam, Da Lat mountain train station is also the only place that owns a steam locomotive.

This train station is also considered an ideal place for visitors to get adorable pictures, especially wedding photos. 

If you engross in vintage style, it’s completely a great idea to have photos in front of the gate of this station. 

Final Words

Vietnam Central Highlands has increasingly got more attention from travelers all over the world because of the pristine beauty of the plateau. With all these hints, I believe that now you have found out which place suits you best and have a nice Central Vietnam motorbike tour