Vietnam Travel Advice – Top 6 Things You Must Try When Traveling To Vietnam 

Vietnam Travel Advice – Top 6 Things You Must Try When Traveling To Vietnam 

January 28, 2020 0 By Vietnam Embassy UAE

Vietnam is a country with a diversity of cultures, and that is what makes this small country become an attractive destination that no travel lovers want to miss out on.

So, if you are planning to visit Vietnam this year and want to have the most interesting experience, our Vietnam travel advice below must be included in your bucket list. 

Let’s check it out now!

Essential Vietnam Travel Advice


  • Learning Vietnamese


To be honest, English is the most widely spoken foreign language in Vietnam. However, there are still many locals who don’t know it. That’s why if you know basic Vietnamese conversations, it’d be much easier for you to communicate in this country.  

Still, don’t get us wrong here, guys! We have no intention of advising you to take a professional Vietnamese class and then, miss your chance to enjoy this place. What we want to mention here are just some basic Vietnamese sentences such as “Xin chao” (Hello), “Cam on” (Thank you), or some basic words that you can easily learn on the Internet. 

Well, the Vietnam travel advice here is that if you want to ask for help or directions, you can cozy up to the local just by saying “Xin chao” first. And then, that person will be willing to give you a hand!


  • Street Food


If you are looking for a food-tour guide introducing Michelin-standard delicacies in Vietnam, nothing is greater than the street food. 

Well, the first street food dish that we highly recommend you to try is “Banh mi”. If you used to think that sandwiches are the most popular fast food, then Banh mi will totally change your mind when you visit Vietnam. 

Actually, Banh mi now has a lot of flavors with a wide range of fillings, however, to enjoy a true Vietnamese-style bread, the best choice is eating Banh mi with traditional pate, pork floss, Cha Lua, and pickled cucumbers. 

Moreover, if you want to enjoy the unique taste of Hoi An, then Banh mi Phuong with special chili sauce will definitely satisfy your hunger pangs!


  • Vietnamese Coffee


When you travel to Vietnam, we also give you the advice that you should not miss the chance to enjoy a Vietnamese-style cup of coffee. As you know, Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producing country in the world and has been in this position for decades. That’s why Vietnamese coffee, especially sidewalk coffee has made countless tourists fall in love with it at the first drink.

Stopping anywhere on the streets of Saigon or Hanoi, you will easily come across a coffee shop or an eye-catching mobile coffee cart.

This awesome drink is made from ground roasted and brewed coffee beans. Next, the barista will put a small metal drip filter on the top of the coffee cup. After going through the filter, coffee will be mixed with milk and ice, thus becoming a rich, delicious and new taste. 


  • Staying At Homestay


Staying at a homestay is the ideal way for you to explore the local culture as you can directly experience the daily life of your local hosts with a variety of activities like culture discovery, cooking, and shopping.

Unlike the luxury and convenience that hotels can provide you, homestays will give you a cozy feeling and make you feel as if you are at your house.

Moreover, living in a homestay is very affordable. So, if you want to have a cost-effective adventure time, this is the right option for you! 


  • Visiting The Mountainous Area


This is another Vietnam travel advice that we want to give to you. If you have been fed up with the busy life in big crowded cities and just want to live in harmony with nature, the mountainous area is exactly where you are looking for.

Those destinations here have not only majestic mountains, but also very lyrical, romantic beauty. With such wild scenery with hidden charms, the mountainous area of this S-shaped country has become the muse of countless photographers within the country and from abroad as well.

For the best experience, we suggest you have a Vietnam motorcycle trip to those spots. Just imagine the fresh cool air going through your fingers while riding a motorbike to the highest area of a country! Amazing, right? 


  • Water puppetry


Water puppetry derives from the Red River Delta’s villages in northern Vietnam in the 11th century. In those days, when the rice fields were flooded during the rainy season, the villagers entertained themselves by standing deep in the water and performing stories and plays on the water with puppets.

Today, the puppets are made from wood and then covered with multi-color lacquer paints. While telling the stories, artists use large bamboo bars to support the puppets. 

When watching a water puppetry show, you will feel like losing in the world of legends and myths. Besides, the sounds of drums, wooden bells, bamboo flute, and other instruments make the performance even more lively and attractive.

If you want to once have the opportunity to see this interesting art form, please come to Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi.


Final Words

Vietnam is famous not only for stunning landscapes but also for diverse cultures. So, if it is possible, don’t rush to end your trip. Our Vietnam travel advice is that you should spend a lot of time staying, renting a motorbike and traveling around this country to fully contemplate every corner here. 

We are sure that you will come across memorable moments, breathtaking scenery and even be able to listen to the unique stories that only the local people here can tell.

Last but not least, thanks for reading our article. If you are about to visit Vietnam, don’t forget to put all of our advice above in your bucket list as it will not let you down. Good luck and have fun!