Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens – تأشيرة فيتنام في عمان

Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens – تأشيرة فيتنام في عمان

November 29, 2019 0 By Mi Pandora

The citizens of Oman is not included in the visa exemption list; therefore, all Omani travelers need to apply visa to Vietnam for either tourism or business purpose. Let’s see Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens.

Are Omani passport holders required visa for entering Vietnam?

Omani citizens the same as most of citizens in the world are required visa to visit Vietnam. Omani can apply visa with Vietnam Immigration Department, it is the second government organization authorized to issue Vietnam visa.

What are Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens? The visa issues by Vietnam Immigration Department also called Vietnam evisa, Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam visa online. It contains Vietnam tourist evisa and business evisa.

Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام في عمان

The Vietnam tourist evisa is issued for traveling purposes. People who are applying for tourist evisa allowed for visiting friends and family. The business evisa is designed for working and business purposes. It is for people who want to come to Vietnam for work, business conference or business investments. Both evisa can be applied for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months with single or multiple entries.

Vietnam Visa Exemption

1/ This is list of countries that Vietnam Immigration allows their citizens to enter Vietnam without visa with detailed length of stay. Unfortunately, Oman isn’t in this list. Therefore, you still need visa to enter Vietnam.

No Citizens of Days of Free Visa
1 United Kingdom 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
2 France 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
3 Italy 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
4 Spain 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
5 Germany 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
6 Belarus 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2020)
7 Japan 15 days
8 South Korea 15 days
9 Sweden 15 days
10 Norway 15 days
11 Denmark 15 days
12 Russia 15 days
13 Finland 15 days
14 Cambodia 30 days
15 Thailand 30 days
16 Malaysia 30 days
17 Singapore 30 days
18 Indonesia 30 days
19 Laos 30 days
20 Philippines 21 days
21 Brunei 14 days
22 Myanmar 14 days
23 Chile 90 days (Starting from 11 August 2017)

2/ Besides, there are two cases that you can travel to Vietnam without Visa:

  • APEC business travel card holders are exempt from Vietnam visa for not more than 90 days.
  • Travelers to Phu Quoc Island with round trip air ticket and staying on the island for 30 days or less are exempt from having Vietnam visa. A visa is required if going outside the island.

Policy of Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens

Once you have a clear understanding of your visa exemption policy, please continue the article with information regarding Vietnam visa for Oman citizens. If you need a visa to explore Vietnam, or need a visa that is suitable for your travel purpose, you can find useful information below:

How long is Vietnam Visa for Oman citizens valid?

Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام في عمان

The validity of the visa depends on the type of visa you apply. Currently, Vietnamese visas are divided into several categories with a duration from a few days to five years. Those individuals who are eligible can apply for a short-term visa to use for a short trip to Vietnam or can apply for a long-term visa for business trips and working in this country. For tourist and commercial visas, there are the following common visa types:

  • 1-month validity visa: Those who come to Vietnam for a short period of time (less than 30 days) should choose this option. 1-month Vietnam visa will give you the maximum stay in Vietnam for 30 days.
  • 3-months validity visa: Those who come to Vietnam and stay long-term can choose this type of visa. The validity period of the visa will start from the date you propose you will enter the country (regardless of whether you can enter for a few days later), and expire after 3 months.
  • Long-term visa type: Long-term visa is valid for 6 months, 1 year, or longer. To obtain this visa, you must provide specific documents for the specific purpose.

Can Oman citizens use Vietnam Visa to enter the country many times?

Vietnamese visas can be entered multiple times or only once, depending on the applicant’s request. Multiple entry visa is not difficult to apply, you only need to fill in the visa application form. Therefore, if you want to enter and exit Vietnam many times, you can choose multiple entry visas. In case you only come to Vietnam once in a short period of time, you should choose single entry visa, because its price will be cheaper.

Required documents to apply Vietnam visa for Oman citizens

Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام في عمان

Vietnamese visas are relatively simple to apply. You just need to prepare a passport (longer than 6 months validity) and some related documents to prove the trip purpose (such as round-trip air tickets, hotel bookings, business invitations, …). For those who apply for a visa online by themselves, simply fill in the visa application form directly in website and select the type of visa that is appropriate for the trip. No need to provide any personal documents.

How long does it take to apply for a Vietnam visa for an Oman citizen?

After receiving your visa application, the Vietnamese Immigration Department will consider and issue the visa for 2 working days. Some special cases (long-term visas, visas for special purposes, etc.) will be reviewed longer. The longest processing time can be up to 7 working days. Therefore, if you are going to apply for a Vietnam visa, it is best to ask for at least 10 days before departure to avoid unexpected risks.

Can I get an urgent Vietnam visa for Oman citizens?

In case you forget to apply for a visa for your Vietnam trip, you can propose an urgent visa. The Immigration Department of Vietnam will approve your visa, but you will have to pay an urgent handling fee. The faster you need a visa, the higher the cost is. Therefore, you should apply for a visa early in order not to get into a visa emergency situation, which makes you both nervous because of the rushing time and costing you an extra expense.

Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام في عمان

When applying Vietnam visa online, you weill be sent an visa approval letter

Emergency cases will be prioritized for approval. Depending on your request, you can get a Vietnam visa within 1 working day, a half working day or even 1 working hour. When applying for a visa, you can propose in the application for expedited processing.

How much does it cost to get a Vietnamese visa for an Oman citizen?

The cost of obtaining a Vietnamese visa is not high. Depending on the type of visa you require, the purpose of entry to Vietnam, the length of stay, the number of visits, the cost will vary.

Vietnam visa requirements for Oman citizens

As foreigners wishing to visit Vietnam in future, you should acquire a Vietnam visa for Omani citizens as a requirement by the department of travel in Vietnam. The procedure for obtaining a Vietnam visa in Oman avails the following two options:

  • Coming to the Vietnam embassy in Oman in person. Here you will have to present all required documents for your Vietnam visa application process to begin.
  • An application for a Vietnam visa on Arrival via Vietnam visa agencies that work in hand with the immigration department of Vietnam. This new visa on arrival policy has also significantly eased and streamlined the entire process, in the new process very little or almost no paperwork is required and the process is also considerably faster in comparison to the erstwhile process. The process usually begins with the selection of an agency that can process the visa application form for you. These agencies are mandated and contracted by the Immigration department and hence they need to be registered and recognized, so ensure that they do have all the necessary permissions before you share your sensitive personal data with them.

You can choose one of the above two options when seeking a visa to Vietnam at your convenience.

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